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Started by Sandy Price, May 06, 2010, 06:58:55 am

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Sandy Price

My commentary on Humanism, if you are interested.

Humanism in American Politics

   My personal mistake was to assume The United States of America was based on a Constitution barring the government from involvement in the lives of her Citizens.  The 10th Amendment handed civilian laws to the States.  Not believing in any supernatural ghost I believed the Separation of Church and State was covered by the First Amendment but has since been removed due to the influx of Christians living/voting in the nation.  Now it seems that our Constitutional Republic is now a Democracy under Christian tenets i.e. a Theocracy. 

   In 2000 America elected a Republican who claimed to be born-again Christian and actually ran on prohibitions on abortions, gay marriages, stem cell research and death with dignity.  The change of attitude in America was remarkable and many Americans worked against individual freedoms and for these prohibitions.  This all came about under the leadership of the Republican National Committee. 

   I left my many years of being a Republican supporter and I gave up voting for any Republican in the future.  I never voted for a Democrat so I ended up writing in other names. 

   Being on the internet since 1993, I began to question the Social Conservative site members why they would over ride the Bill of Rights for Christian laws.  All the old homophobia and racism came pouring into my emails and I felt as if we were living in the days of the European Inquisitions.  I had no idea of the buildup of emotions found in the Christian American voters.  From birth they were given a fear of God through Jesus Christ that certain habits must be eliminated.  I met no one who questioned this fear.  I located many who were involved in the 12-step program using Jesus as a tool to control themselves.  I wondered how many drug and alcohol addicted Americans became Republicans to show their allegiance to this new Christian power. 

   What power in America focused on individual freedoms?  Apparently only the Liberals.  Of course they also wanted a redistribution of wealth and that left them off my list. 

I headed back to the Conservative sites and questioned their need for being Christians.  Did they feel better under the guidance of Jesus Christ?  Did they feel they were saved from hell and damnation?  Out of hundreds of people questioned their answers came back for me to see a Mental Health expert as I had gone insane.  Not one of them could answer a single simple question. 

My love of politics ended.  My core belief that America was the last perfect nation to hold individual freedoms highly was blown out of the water.  I hit a personal low in my stability.  How could I have believed in individual freedoms when both sides of the Congressional members had little interest in individual freedoms and only in their ability to get re-elected. 

In 2008, the election of Barak Obama brought out the ugliness in both parties.  There was no Republican Party to take on the Obama agenda.  The GOP had been caught in several homosexual scandals and "C" Street Condo under Christian membership had been used in many adulterous actions.  The GOP was nothing but a bunch of loud-mouth moralists who had lost touch with right versus wrong.  They were typical hypocrites and I was well rid of the lot of them.

I was trained to take care of others.  I fit very nicely in the Red Cross and in California worked with disaster teams handling our earthquakes, firestorms, and floods.  I worked with a group of Animal Rescue workers and took in many unwanted pets.  I was trained for Hospice and until my legs gave out I would still be part of the organization. 

Without politics, I needed a new direction and found it in the Humanist groups.  I attended many conventions and saw a need to promote these people who worked for human survival. A large part of the Humanist movement is found in the world of Science.  Just studying the subject of Evolution is an eye opener   showing how our human species evolved from the mammals of millions of years ago and how we must be aware of further evolution. 

I see evolution simply as "use it or lose it."  Being told that we were conceived in sin and are sinners in our daily lives is an insult to the human species.  There is no Heaven for people to have to beg forgiveness to enter.  There is no "get out of jail free card" for any human born anywhere.  When any nation takes on a God, that nation cannot grow in accomplishments except in killing other nations. 

My efforts are now to introduce humanism to others.  It is not a religion because it is not based on any supernatural ghost

Many political talking heads love to argue Collectivism versus Individualism and this takes the base of Humanism out of the discussion.  There is no compromise to Individual freedoms under humanism.  Labeling others is a cheap shortcut and does no justice to any honest American.  It comes from television addiction to keep anyone from thinking for themselves. 

Sandra Price