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Author Topic: Links from Ethical Atheist  (Read 2285 times)

Joe Bloe

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Links from Ethical Atheist
« on: June 08, 2011, 04:05:54 PM »
@ Unbeliever
Happy Birthday for June 10th. Hope everything is going well for you.

Some of you will remember the old "Ethical Atheist" forum. It had a large number of links to interesting sites.

When Ethical Atheist closed down, "Seti" transferred the links to his "Message Board" here:

A lot of the links are broken and I am currently going through them, trying to get them up-to-date.

At the moment I am using my blog at the "Ain't No God" forum as the place to store the up-dated list.

Don't quite know what I'll do with the list once I've finished, but just thought I'd let you know what I'm doing.