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Quark Structure

Started by Unbeliever, September 14, 2016, 04:45:31 pm

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Quote from:  Dr. Christoph CaesarOne of the key questions of elementary particles physics is the mass relation between leptons and nucleons or quarks. Leptons in many hadron decays and interactions show a typical energy of 53 MeV. Explicit numbers of these electrons accommodated in a quark fit the observed mass and charges of quarks and nucleons. The model further is shown to have exactly and only three different variations for quarks, the colours.

The success of QED and QCD in describing interactions of elementary particles and in predicting results of measurements performed with quantum-wave particles is unquestioned. Still missing, however, is a physical description or model of the elementary properties, e.g. the "color" of a quark or the "charge" of a quark or of an electron. A quantum reality[1] is searched for which could e.g. reduce the number of elementary constants (now approx. 20) or reduce the number of elementary forces. If it could solely be achieved to correlate properties like masses of the electron and nucleons, it would be regarded as major progress.

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