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World's sharpest Tele lens! Moon, 300x zooming in! 4K, UHD, Leica 2.8/400 mm

Started by Unbeliever, March 30, 2019, 04:14:04 pm

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QuoteWorld's sharpest super telephoto lens?
The video clips where filmed in August 2015 at only 290m above sea level. (Camping side in Germany)
Some zooming in and out, and spinning in post production with Magix VDL 2016. 
Panasonic GH4 and a modified Leica 2.8/400mm + 1.4x + 2x + 2x Leica Apo Extender. 
I wanted make the viewer, to feel like observing the moon from a space craft.
I made some test with a "Siemens Star" this summer, resolution = 1mm at 480m (0.43 arcsec.) !! This means 1200 lines/mm, of course wide open!


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