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Atheist Writings - from the web

Started by Unbeliever, August 29, 2006, 10:50:46 am

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Atheism at Wikipedia
List of Dates Predicted for Apocalyptic Events

What's Your Worldview?
17 Kinds of Atheism
Articles at Atheist Foundation of Australia
Articles at Atheism Unlimited
Articles at Talk Reason
Atheism in India
Atheism Writings at Martin Rebas
Essays at Ebon Musings
Richard Carrier
Hard-to-find Thomas Paine Essays
The written works of Richard Dawkins


A listing of some atheist/agnostic
writings on the internet

About the Holy Bible - R.G. Ingersoll
Absurdities of the Bible - Clarence Darrow
Adventures in the Bible Belt - James A. Haught
Advice to Evangelical Christian Visitors - Austin Cline
Age of Reason - Thomas Paine
Agnositicism - Thomas Henry Huxley
All Those Christian Presidents - Judith Hayes
"Alternative Medicine" and the Psychology of Belief - James Alcock, Ph.D.
An Agnostic's Apology - Sir Leslie Stephen
Analysis of Mind, The - Bertrand Russell
An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity - Jothathan Swift
An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding - David Hume
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding - John Locke
An Inquiry into the Mental Health of Jesus: Was He Crazy?
Anomie Anomaly, The
Arsenal of Believers, An - Nasra Hassan
Anthropic Principle and Many Worlds Cosmologies, The - Quentin Smith
Antichrist, The - Friedrich Nietzsche
Are There Really No Atheists? - Michael Martin
Argument From Design, On - Aparthib Zaman
Argument From the Bible, The - Theodore Drange
Atheism, Agnosticism, and the Burden of Proof - P. Wesley Edwards
Atheism, Agnosticism, Noncognitivism - Theodore Drange
Atheism: An Affirmative View - Emmett F. Fields
Atheism and Choice: Atheists Choose Atheism and to be Atheists - Austine Cline
Atheism, Christian Theism, and Rape - Michael Martin
Atheism Defended - Kenneth Moyle
Atheism is a Liberating Worldview - Dr. Gil Shapiro
Atheism of Astronomy, The - Woosley Teller
Atheism: Questions and Answers - Gora
Atheist Here to Destroy?, An - Acharya S
Atheist Manifesto, An - Sam Harris
Atheist Manifesto, An - Joseph Lewis
Atheist's Bible, The - Nullifidian
Atheists Don't Speak with Just one Voice - Nica Lalli
Atheists Supply Less Than 1% Of Prison Populations - American Atheists
Atheist's Wager
At Last A Comic Book Atheist Hero - Matthew Chapman

Basic Assumption: A discussion on the nature of truth, The - Elroy
Becoming a Freethinker and a Scientist - Albert Einstein
Belief Not the Safe Side - Rev. Robert Taylor
Between Two Thieves - Hugh Fogelman
Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist, The
Bible Unmasked, The - Joseph Lewis
Black Hole Origin Theory of the Universe, The - Quentin Smith
Brain, Mind and God - James B. Ashbrook
Business of the Catholic Church, The - Bill Maher

Candide - Voltaire
Cannabis and Christ: Jesus Used Marijuana - Adapted from Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible: The Pagan Origins of the Judaic and Christian Traditions (Volume 2, The New Testament and Related Literature). By Chris Bennett and Neil McQueen.
Cargo Cult Science - Richard Feynman
Case Against Religion, The - James Hervey Johnson
Catastrophism and Mythology - Philip R. "Pib" Burns
Chain of Faith, The
Charles Darwin Online
Christianity: The Debit Account - Margaret Knight
Christionists on the March - Chris Hedges
Christianity Unveiled - Paul Thiry, Baron d'Holbach
"Christ" is a Human Invention - Wayne Holland
Code of Hammurabi
Coincidences: Remarkable or Random? - Bruce Martin
Common Sense - Thomas Paine
Common sense thoughts on the Bible for common sense people - William Denton
(also here, see entire text here)
Confessions of a Lonely Atheist - Natalie Angier
Confessions of an Evangelical Atheist - Amanda Avellone
Congested Brain of Jesus, The - Dr. Jules Soury
Coverage of the Scopes Monkey Trail - H. L. Mencken
Could We Survive Our Own Deaths? - Antony Flew
Creating a Set of Laws for All Religions, Like Asimov's Laws of Robotics - Rob Kall
Creatinists for Genocide - Hector Avalos
Crimes of Christianity - G. W. Foote
Cross-national Correlations of Quantifiable Social Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies - Gregory S. Paul
Crusade Against Religion, The - Gary Wolf

Danger of Believing in God, The - Amber Pawlik
Dark Side of Religion, The - Morris Cohen
Darwin's God - Robin Marantz Henig
Dear Theologian - Dan Barker
Deluge in the Light of Modern Science, The - William Denton
Delusional Madness, True Believers, Reptilian Brains and Fatuous Apes - Norman B. LeClair
Devil's Dictionary, The - Ambrose Bierce
Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Man - Nicolas Machiavelli
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion - David Hume (also here)
Didero applies logic to Christianity - Didero
Did Jesus Exist, and does it matter? - Gary Sloan
Discourse on the Forgery of the Alleged Donation of Constantine - Lorenzo Valla
Dissecting Christianity's Snares - Stephen Van Eck
Does God Answer Prayer? -  Brian Bolton
Does Santa Harm Children? - Gary C. Grassl
Does the 1796-97 Treaty with Tripoli Matter to Church/State Separation? - Ed Buckner, PhD
Dolly and the Cloth Heads - Richard Dawkins
Do Our Values Come From God? - Victor J. Stenger
Do We Have Free Will? - David Nicholls
Dragon in My Garage, The - Carl Sagan
Dreams Are Maps: Exploration and Human Purpose - Carl Sagan
Dulness of the Creedless, The - Andrew McIntyre

Ego and the ID - Richard Fortey
Encounter, The - Silent Dave
Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural, An
End of Pascal's Wager: Only Nontheists Go to heaven, The - Richard Carrier
Essence of Christianity, The - Ludwig Feuerbach
Ethics and Religion - Sandra LaFave
Euthyphro - Plato [scroll down about 1/3 of the page for the text]
Evangelistic Atheism: Leading Believers Astray - Dan Barker
Evolution and Ethics - Thomas Henry Huxley
Evolutionist Looks at modern man, An - Loren Eisley
Evolution of God, The
Existence of God or Questions for Theists, The - Charles Watts
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds - Charles MacKay

Failure of Christianity, The - Emma Goldman
Faith of a Heretic, The - Walter Kaufmann
Face to Faith - Julian Baggini
False Testament: Archeology Refutes the Bible's Claim to History
Feeling of Power, The - Isaac Asimov
Few words About the Devil, A - Charles bradlaugh
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense - John Rennie
Fighting Words: A Toolkit for Combating the Religious Right - Robin Morgan (excerpt, introduction)
Fine Art of Baloney Detection, The - Carl Sagan
Flagellum Unspun: The Collapse of "Irreducible Complexity", The - Kenneth R. Miller
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions - Edwin A. Abbott
Flowers of Freethought - G. W. Foote
Forgery in Christianity - Joseph Wheless
Foundation of Sand - Ebon Musings
Franklin's Unholy Lightning Rod
Free Man's Worship, A - Bertrand Russell
Free of Faith's False Promise - Jerome Schleifer
Freethought Manifesto - punkerslut
Friendly Atheism? - Michael Martin
Fundamentalism - Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Future of an Illusion, The - Sigmund Freud

Ghost in the Machine: The Existence of the Soul, A - Ebon Musings
Giordano Bruno: His Life and Thought - Dorothea Waley Singer
Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher - by John J. Kessler, Ph.D., Ch.E.
Gods and earthlings: The 'science of intelligent design' is science fiction. - Richard Dawkins
God Delusion, The, Ch. 1 - Richard Dawkins
God in a Coffee Stain - Ebon Musings
God in the Constitution - Robert G. Ingersoll
God of the Gaps - Adrian Barnett
God's Dupes - Sam Harris
God's Enemies Are More Honest Than His Friends - Sam Harris
God's Still Dead - Christopher Hitchens
God The Invisible King - H. G. Wells
God vs the Bible - John Armstrong
"God." What is that? - Don Havis
Golden Bough, The - Sir James George Frazer
Good And Bad Reasons For Believing - Richard Dawkins
Good Sense Without God - Paul Thiry, Baron d'Holbach

"Happy is the Man that Feareth Always": Psychology vs. Religion - Daniela Kramer and Michael Moore
Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? - Bertrand Russell
Historical Outline of Modern Religious Criticism in Western Civilization, A - Geoff Price
History of the Rise and Influence of the  Spirit of Rationalism in Europe - W.E.H. Lecky
Holy Horrors - James A. Haught
Holy Willlie's Prayer - Robert Burns
Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark, The - Review
How Can an Atheist Be Moral? For Goodness Sake - Dan Barker
How I Got Inclined Towards Atheism - Francis Crick
How Not to Convert an Atheist - Ebon Musings
How to Educate an Atheist - Michael Martin
How to Fight the Religious Right - Brian Elroy McKinley
How to handle Bibliolators - Delos McKown
How to Irritate an Atheist
How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal
Humanity's Gain from Unbelief - Charles Bradlaugh
Human Origin of Morals, The - Joseph McCabe
Humphrys in search of God

Immoral Atheists? - Jesse's Journal
Immortality - John Stuart Mill
Impossibility of Deity, The - Martin L. Bard
In Defense of Godlessness - Annie Laurie Gaylor
In Praise of an Alternate Creation Theory - Leslie Scrivener
Inquiry into the Mind of Jesus: Was he Crazy?, An - Don Havis
Irreconcilable Records, or Genesis and Geology - William Denton
Irreducible Complexity Demystified
Isaac Asimov on Science and the Bible - Isaac Asimov, interview by Paul Kurtz
Is Atheism Logical? - Mark Vuletic
Is Christianity Absurd? - Michael Martin
Is Faith Good for Us? - Phil Zuckerman
Is It God's Word? - Joseph Wheless
Is Science a Religion? - Richard Dawkins
Is the Bible Worth Reading? And Other Essays - Lemuel K. Washburn
Is There a God? - Bertrand Russell
Is There an Artificial God? - Douglas Adams (transcribed speech)
Is There Anything Good About Atheism? - Adrian Barnett

Jesus as a Mythical Copycat - Acharya S
Jesus Puzzle, The - Earl Doherty
Justified Faith or Emotionalism: The Christian Prerogative on Authority, Conversion, and Spirituality - Frank S. Palmisano III

Korah, Dathan, and Abiram - Thomas Paine

Last Taboo: Why America needs Atheism, The - Wendy Kaminer
Last Question, The - Isaac Asimov
Let Us Pray - Judith Hayes
Lord's Day Alliance, The - Clarence Darrow

Man's Place in Nature - Thomas Henry Huxley
Man Who Bought a House: A Parable, The - Richard Packham
Meaning of Atheism, The - E. Haldeman-Julius
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
reviewed "In Behalf of the Fool" (1979)
- Gaunilo II
Miraculous 'holy toast' pinpoints irrational flaw in religious belief - John Bice
Monotheism and its Discontents - Gore Vidal
Morality Without Religion
My critics are wrong to call me dogmatic, says Dawkins
My God Problem - Natalie Angier
My Half-year of Hell with Christian Fundamentalists - Michael Gromek
Myth of the Historical Jesus, The, Part 1 - Hayyim ben Yehoshua
Myth: Atheists are Making a Tactical Mistake by Insulting Religious Theists - Austin Cline
Myth: Atheism Cannot Explain the Origin of the Universe, Nature of Existence - Austin Cline
Myth of the Soul, The - Clarence Darrow
Myth: Science is a Religion for Atheists that Requires Faith

Nathan's Atheism Page - Nathan Estle
Natural history of peace, A - Robert M. Sapolsky
Natural History of Religion, The - David Hume
Nature of Popular Religion - David Hume
Necessity of Atheism, The - Ebon Musings
Necessity of Atheism, The - Percy Blythe Shelley
New Atheism Rocks!, The - Russell Blackford
New Pair of Shoes for the Slippery Slope of Christianity, A - Don Pflaster
Nonbeliever, The: Questions for Daniel Dennett - Deborah Solomon
Not So Christian America - Thomas C. Reeves

Of mice, men, and genes: the best-laid plans o' DNA gang aft agley - Robert M. Sapolsky
Of the Confused and Contradictory Ideas of Theology - Paul Thiry, Baron d'Holbach, The System of Nature, pt. 2, ch.3
On Defending Atheism - Theodore Drange
One Side Can Be Wrong - Richard Dawkins
and Jerry Coyne
On Liberty - John Stuart Mill
Online Atheist Dictionary of Christian Terminology, The
On the Decay of the Art of Living - Mark Twain
On the Infinite Universe and Worlds - Giordano Bruno
On the Making of an Unbeliever - Abul Kasem
On the Nature of Things - Lucretius
Oration on the Dignity of Man - Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
Origins of Biblical Monotheism: Israel's Polytheistic
Background and the Ugaritic Texts, The
- Mark S. Smith
Our meaning in Life - Richard Carrier
"Out" campaign for those who don't believe in God - Eric Vieth

Paranormal Beliefs Linked to Brain Chemistry - Helen Philips
Pascal's Wager Refuted - Theodore Drange
Peace on Earth - Judith Hayes
Philosophical Concepts of Atheism - Ernest Nagel
Philosophy of Atheism, The - Emma Goldman
Plea for Atheism, A - Charles Bradlaugh
Positive Atheism - Gora
Potter's Morals vs. Bible's Magic
Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammendment! - Judith Hayes
Preachers who are not Believers - On Faith
Prisoner for Blasphemy - G. W. Foote
Profits of Religion, The - Upton Sinclair
Protect My Children from the Ten Commandments - Lewis Vaughn
Psychology of Religion, The - Joseph McCabe
Psychosis of Religion, The - devilzown

Queen Mab - Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Rationalist's Manual, The - M.D. Aletheia
Reason: The Only Oracle of Man - Ethan Allen
Reflections on God and Santa
Refutation of Deism, A - Percy Bysshe Shelley
Refuting God - Dan Barker
Religion as a Gigantic Fraud - James Hervey Johnson
Religion, as ever, is the poison in India's blood
Religion is not benign, nor does it provoke more good than harm
Religious symbology as intercultural dialogue tool
Rewriting of History by Christians - Madalym Murray O'Hair (with Sherman Wakefield)
Rights of Man, The - Thomas Paine
Rising numbers of nonbelievers increase popularity of atheism - John Bice

Science and Miracles - Theodore Drange
Science in the Eyes of a Scientist - Dr. Mark Perakh
Scientists Should Unite Against the Threat from Religion - Sam Harris
Scope of Atheism, The George H. Smith, from Atheism: The Case Against God
Secularist's Catechism - Charles Watts
Secular Morality: What is It? - Charles Watts
Seeing Through Christianity - Arthur Avalon
Should Atheism Be Universally held? - Michael Martin
Sins of the Past - Judith Hayes
Skeptic's Dictionary, The
Socrates Meets Jesus - Prometheus
Some Mistakes of Moses - R.G. Ingersoll
Spiritual Atheism and the False Comforts of Faith - David Gleeson
Statistical Inquiries Into The Efficacy Of Prayer - Francis Galton
Stephen Hawking and the Mind of God - Antony Flew
Story Of Religious Controversy: Chapter XI, The
Story of God: Explaining God to Children, The - Valinda Hunter
Review of Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, by Acharya S
Superstition - Robert G. Ingersoll
Superstition Unveiled - Charles Southwell
Surrogate Thinkers
System of Nature, The - Paul Thiry, Baron d'Holbach

Tantrism and Asceticism - Barbara G. Walker
10 Myths - and 10 Truths - About Atheism - Sam Harris
Teach Children to Challenge Religion - Julian Baggini
Theist's Guide to Converting Atheists, The - Ebon Musings
Thus Spake Zarathustra - Friedrich Nietzsche
Ten Commandments, The - Joseph Lewis
Theologian's Nightmare, The - Bertrand Russell
Theological-political Treatise - Benedict de Spinoza
Theology and Falsification - Anthony Flew
There Is No God - Penn Jillette
Think Like a Fundy - Adrian Barnett
Think Religion Isn't Dangerous? Think Again
Thoughts in Captivity - Ebon Musings
Three Crucial Things You Must Know Before Challenging An Atheist's Unbelief
Through a Glass, Darkly: How the Christian right is reimagining U.S. history - Jeff Sharlet
To Justin, Against Christianity - Arthur Avalon (PDF)
Truth About Jesus, The - M. M. Mangasarian
Twelve: Further Fictions from the new Testament, The - Frank R. Zindler
2000 years Late: The Second Coming of Jesus - Ebon Musings

Ultimate Terrorist, The - Doris Drisgil
Unbeliever - Antonius
Unbeliever's Bill of Rights
Uncreated Universe, The (PDF) - Victor J. Stenger
Understanding Reason and Faith - P. Wesley Edwards
Up against Caesar: Jesus and Paul versus the empire - John Dart

Vicarious Atonement - Helen H. Gardener
Victims of Morality - Emma Goldman
Voltaire - Clarence Darrow

Was God an Accident? - Paul Bloom
What is Religion? - Robert G. Ingersoll
What the Bible Really Says: Some Shocking Statements - Thomas Ash
Where is the Virgin Mary Today? Pareidolia: Seeing Religious Faces Everywhere - Austin Cline
Where Jesus never Walked - Frank R. Zindler
Which Way? - Robert G. Ingersoll
Who Needs Religion? - David Boulton
Why (almost all) all cosmologists are atheists - Sean M. Carroll
Why Are Atheists so Angry? - Sam Harris debates Dennis Prager
Why Are Creationists Creationist? - John S. Wilkins
Why Bad beliefs Don't Die - Gregory W. Lester
Why Believe in God?
Why Be Moral? - Theodore Drange
Why do Freethinkers Bother? - The Freethought Zone
Why Do People Believe or Disbelieve? - Paul Kurtz
Why Do Religious Wingnuts Think the way They Do? Part 1 Part 2
Why I Am an Agnostic - Clarence Darrow
Why I Am An Unbeliever - Carl Van Doren
Why I Am a Strong Atheist - Chris Ho-Stuart
Why I Am Not a Christian - Bertrand Russell
Why I Am Not a Hindu - Ramendra Nath
Why I Rejected Christianity - Wayne Everett Orgar
Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? - Victor Stenger
Why Jesus? - Dan Barker
Why My Dog is Not a Humanist - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Why Smart People Believe Weird Things - Michael Shermer
Women and Religion: Sexism in the Christian Tradition - Barbara G. Walker
World's Sixteen Crucified Saviours, The - Kersey Graves
World Trade Center Massacre: Why did it happen and Where was God? - Bruce T. Flamm

Yahweh - Encyclopedia Mythica

"Some say God is living there [in space]. I was looking around very attentively, but I did not see anyone there. I did not detect either angels or gods....I don't believe in God. I believe in man - his strength, his possibilities, his reason."
Gherman Titov, Soviet cosmonaut, in The Seattle Daily Ti


"Some say God is living there [in space]. I was looking around very attentively, but I did not see anyone there. I did not detect either angels or gods....I don't believe in God. I believe in man - his strength, his possibilities, his reason."
Gherman Titov, Soviet cosmonaut, in The Seattle Daily Ti