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Title: What's the Harm?
Post by: Unbeliever on May 18, 2009, 02:43:34 pm
Ever been asked by a believer, "What's the harm in...?"
Now you'll be able to tell them exactly what the harm is:

What's the Harm? (http://whatstheharm.net)

Mentioned by Dr. Dean Edell, on his radio program, and by Penn, in a video, here (http://www.crackle.com/c/Penn_Says#id=2439392).
Title: Re: What's the Harm?
Post by: Joe Bloe on August 30, 2009, 12:22:59 pm
Theists often ask "Why Do Atheists Care?" If an atheist does not believe in god, why does he/she spend so much time on the subject? This site has the answer:


The list contains the following (and more)

    * The Crusades.
    * The Inquisition.
    * Witch trials in Europe and America.
    * Missionaries destroying/converting smaller, "heathen" religions and cultures. 
    * The demonization of other religions, e.g. Christianity demonizing Pagans ("They're devil-worshippers!")
    * Persecution of Heretics - e.g. Galileo for daring to suggest that the Earth orbits the Sun.
    * Children dying because their parents refused them medical treatment on religious grounds
    * Slavery, supposedly supported by scripture
    * Holy wars - followers of different faiths (or even the same faith) killing each other in the name of their gods.
    * The destruction of great works of art considered to be pornographic/blasphemous, and the persecution of the artists.
    * Persecution/punishment of blasphemers (Salman Rushdie still has a death sentence on him), and blasphemy laws in general.
    * Often-fatal exorcisms by priests believing they are destroying the work of Satan.
    * People suffering dreadful injury or death in the belief that their faith has made them invulnerable (e.g. people climbing into lion enclosures at zoos, with a Bible as protection).
    * Whole societies divided by minor differences in belief or doctrine, often resulting in violence.
    * Mass suicides of cult-members following a charismatic leader who believes the world is about to End
    * The attempted genocide of followers of a particular faith
    * The practice of "female circumcision" (more accurately termed genital mutilation).
    * The discouragement of rational, critical thought (resulting in young-earth creationists, for example).
    * Uncontrolled population growth caused (or at least helped) by churches prohibiting birth-control and abortion.
    * The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. AIDS) due to churches prohibiting the use of condoms.
    * Believers whipping, impaling, poisoning or crucifying themselves during religious festivals as a demonstration of their faith and piety.
    * Suicide bombers taught to believe that martyrs go straight to Paradise.
    * Women treated as second-class citizens or even slaves
    * Pentecostal snake-handlers
    * Persecution of homosexuals
    * Abuse of power, authority and trust by religious leaders (for financial gain or sexual abuse of followers and even children).
    * Minor religions ("cults") stockpiling weapons to defend themselves from the Armies Of Satan

Title: Re: What's the Harm?
Post by: Unbeliever on August 31, 2009, 01:56:37 pm
Thanks for the great link, Joe!

So much for Pascal's claim that we lose nothing by believing in God - it seems we can lose quite a lot.