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Title: Can We Travel Faster Than Light? with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre
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QuoteCan humanity build an Alcubierre warp drive?
Can we go faster than light?

Dr. Miguel Alcubierre was inspired by Star Trek the Next Generation's example of warp drive faster than light technology on the starship Enterprise. In 1994 he wrote a paper on how we could bend and warp space and time to travel faster than light within the rules of Einstein's general relativity. NASA has and is currently exploring if it is possible to bend the fabric of space and achieve hyper fast space travel with the Eagle Works lab. John Michael Godier spoke with Dr. Miguel Alcubierre on the feasibility of the Alcubierre warp drive and if there has been any developments within physics, including the use of dark matter or dark energy, and anti-gravity, to be able to make this possible.