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Title: How many gods are there?
Post by: Unbeliever on October 13, 2006, 11:34:45 AM
Before any discussion of [G]ods can be undertaken, it's important to identify just which god is under discussion. Here's a link to a site that lists "more gods than you can shake a stick at":

God Checker: your guide to the gods (http://www.godchecker.com/)
Title: Re: How many gods are there?
Post by: ConservativeAtheist on October 27, 2006, 05:03:44 PM
Yep, to the man who says "you lose nothing from believing in a god but if there is a god you get to go to heaven! Weee!" 

Well, to that retarded person I say

1. Well I dont believe in god so that would be stupid anyways
2. Which god do I worship? They all condemn each other, what if I choose the wrong one?
3. God knows that we would not really believe in him but were just trying to get into heaven.
4. God would understand that we were human and that his claims didn't make sense to us.
5. You can't just believe in god in order to be "saved" you have to believe in all of the other retarded things such as possessions, demons, angels, etc. Who knows? He may even condemn people for not believing in adam and eve. (if he really exists that is...which he umm doesnt.)