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Title: Atheism and the American Dream
Post by: Unbeliever on June 15, 2007, 02:30:52 PM
Taking an objective look at atheism and the American dream (http://www.collegiatetimes.com/news/2/ARTICLE/9099/2007-06-13.html)
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Excerpts From Condemned Abortion Doctor Killer Paul Hill
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Faith No More:Texas’ record shows dangers of faith-based policy (http://inthesetimes.com/comments.php?id=105_0_2_0_C)
Title: Re: Atheism and the American Dream
Post by: Sandy Price on September 20, 2007, 06:50:43 AM
Trying to describe The American Dream, we only have to read the writings of people who worked so hard to move to America.  What drove them from their homelands to the new world?  I did some reading on this subject and found that our Bill of Rights was so unique in that it guaranteed individual freedoms not found in other nations.  Even the early Americans learned that to follow the Bill of Rights they had to make Amendments to it to guarantee individual freedoms.

Since the religious right declared America to be a Christian Nation, the prohibitions coming from the Christian Coalition have begun to limit the freedoms of half the American people through Amendments to the Constitution and that is the start of our destruction.  That removes our American  values and replaces them with Christian values that have already destroyed many other nations. 

In our Federal Government, Atheism is the only answer to keep our freedoms safe and secure.  I fear we lost that battle.