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The Bible / Christian Dilemmas - The Secret History of the Bible
« Last post by Unbeliever on December 22, 2018, 03:26:22 PM »

This in-depth investigative documentary traces the secret history of the Bible like never before. Scholars shed new light on translation errors, misinterpretations, political changes, and archeological discoveries that have unraveled the many mysteries of Christianity which has evolved into over 200 religious sects, each with differing beliefs. This film does not debate the issue of faith. However, after watching this film, you may never look at the history of the Bible in the same way again.

Astronomy/Cosmology / How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure
« Last post by Unbeliever on December 22, 2018, 12:22:19 PM »

If humans want to expand into space, it will take us incredible amounts of energy. How do we do that? Easy: we will just use the sun’s energy by realizing the most ambitious construction project in history. This is how it works.

Christianity / 10 Lies You Were Told About Christmas
« Last post by Unbeliever on December 18, 2018, 12:55:09 PM »

Christmas is a season of fun, family and festivity, but we don't half celebrate it in some strange ways.

You may be surprised about some of the true origins of these Xmas traditions.


Astronomy/Cosmology / Unsolved Mystery in Physics | Direct Collapse Black Holes
« Last post by Unbeliever on December 16, 2018, 03:47:39 PM »

How do the first black holes in the Universe form? How do they then grow into supermassive black holes weighing 800 million times the mass of the Sun within 600 million years of the Big Bang? Astrophysicists have been inferring the existence of direct collapse black holes for a long time to try and explain this unsolved mystery...


Astronomy/Cosmology / Communicating Across the Cosmos (Sheri Wells-Jensen)
« Last post by Unbeliever on December 15, 2018, 03:32:48 PM »
Before we can begin to hypothesize about any extraterrestrial language, we must examine our basis for understanding what language is. We should examine what we know—and, even more important, what we presume—about language.One approach linguistics has taken is to look deeply into the structure of a single language with the goal of capturing its essence in a series of descriptive principles; this approach assumes that each Earth language has within it a "universal" set of rules that characterize all potential human languages. Another approach would be to study the 7,000 or so known Earth languages to identify what all of them have in common and distill the set of descriptive principles from there.Unfortunately, both approaches are quite human-centric, and even with a dataset of 7,000 languages to work with, we still have effectively only one data point. Still, defining this single data point is useful because we can't think outside the box until we have identified the box. With this in mind, what we could do is examine those 7,000 languages to establish what is rare among them or what they all lack: That is, what presuppositions do they all make? What things are unsaid, or even unsayable, because these things are too obvious, too obscure, or somehow foreign to human cognition? We cannot know which of our assumptions about language might be natural outgrowths of intelligence and therefore truly universal, and which result from specifically human factors; the best we can do at this point is lay out the possibilities.

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