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Secular Humanists in Politics

Started by Sandy Price, August 16, 2011, 04:23:25 pm

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Sandy Price

We are in a period of a near insanity of trying to get our candidates together for the next election in 2012.  We have the current President trying to clear up a lot of troubles that were inherited and is now facing a negative attitude of the GOP wanting to destroy President Obama including calling him unsuitable for the job of President of the United States.  The GOP has started "Swift Boating" of Obama brought and bought by a bunch of White Supremacists organized by the religious right.

Evangelical Fundamentalists have taken over the Republican Party and they will vote to destroy America rather than try to win the next election.  I have done a lot of reading on the development of the White Supremacists going way back to the days of the Inquisition in Europe when the Catholic Pope took over the nations of Italy, Spain and France. 

America is filled with Revival meetings listing many sins that God has told the leaders needs to be banned by a Constitutional Amendment called the "Sin Amendment."  My roots go back to the early days of the GOP when Senator Goldwater Ran in 1964.  He ran on a platform that ran what could be seen as a secular agenda.  Goldwater told Robertson and Fallwell to take a hike and leave his campaign alone.  Goldwater had no interest in our social issues or personal lives.  Even in 1964, the Christians destroyed Goldwater.

Sandy Price

to continue....The GOP that I helped form even after the loss of Goldwater maintained a firm demand for individual freedoms and it was time to continue to elect Republicans based on that agenda.

Now in 2011, the GOP has become the home of the Evangelical Fundamentalists and have thrown out we who are part of the Secular Humanist groups.  What can we do?  The problem is not from the Obama camp but from the Social Conservatives who have been directed by God to give a Christian interpretation to the Constitution and the Amendments and end up with a Christian Nation.  A dozen or so Republicans claim God has directed this and the entire 2012 campaign has sworn to obey.

I tossed out a couple of commentaries on this and as soon as my webmaster returns from an Alaska cruise, they will be added to my web site.  I don't know what else to do.  I will no doubt vote for Democratic candidates but I want the GOP to realize that there are Secular Humanists in the Republican Party and they are too afraid to stand up for individual freedoms. 

I sent out my first of four articles and have had some interesting feed back.  Anyone here interested? 

Sandy Price

The main candidate who will run against Obama could be Governor Rick Perry of Texas.  He is a madman trying to hurt and destroy Obama and I know it is because Perry is a White Supremacist.  I don't know how to knock him out of the election?  He is popular with the most extreme Republicans.

The growth of Secular Humanism is on the rise and many forums are amazed at this growth.  I really believe there is a Secular group within the Republican Party voters and I want to get them going again.  I will not bring my articles here if there is little interest in the political elections.  I want that horrible Evangelical candidate dumped as ungracefully as possible.

What say you all.......

The Professor

Hi Sandy,

You've got some interesting and valid things to say, I'd like to see more.