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Religious schools 'show bias for rich'

Started by Unbeliever, March 02, 2008, 03:01:28 pm

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"Some say God is living there [in space]. I was looking around very attentively, but I did not see anyone there. I did not detect either angels or gods....I don't believe in God. I believe in man - his strength, his possibilities, his reason."
Gherman Titov, Soviet cosmonaut, in The Seattle Daily Ti


  I think they are institution set up for mind control.  They are used not only to educate but to keep down those who would rise up and question their teachings.  Since so much of it has failed, I see no value in them.  Kids who are stripped of their ability to meld with other peers suffer from their lack of perspective.

  It breeds separatism in our society.  Yet, because so many of those kids get abused in their homes, they abuse their peers.  This is why we read of gang rapes and alcohol abuse among these kids.  The rules being forced upon them don't work.  The false sense of superiority breeds people like Scalia and those other Supreme Court leaders who worship business and not their peers.  They cover each others sins with vows of secrecy. Their ultimate goal is to make lots of money for themselves and their friends.  As well as to try and force a creed on us that they themselves often do not follow or privately condemn.

   This repression pushed on therm is not working.  As all of these sex scandals have revealed.  I think it also siphons off much needed money from the Public Schools.

   I wish we didn't have Religious School in general.  We should be focusing our money on trade and specialty schools for High School Students.  So many mechanical jobs are suffering because we are giving them High School Students who are not prepared for the responsibilites of functioning in the real world.

    We are also suffering because we are still trying to force those who do not benefit from formal education to try to perform in an arena that is not set up for their style of learning. Not everyone is going to be a businessman or states person.  We need to stop stealing the self-esteem of those who are more mechanically inclined and not so academic. We also need to have clear and open support from Corporations to help not only fund our Schools but to help provide the technologies our Students require to meet the requirements of the work they need them to perform.  Families cannot afford to meet these needs alone.

   We need land and homes that do not eat up most of our income either. Parent should be able to be a part of their child's education and actually required to co-parent their children.  Business' should be more family friendly so that both parties benefit.

    Sorry, kind of went off topic but Schools do need to teach teens these social norms when they are young so that they can go on to do what we need them to do to build healthy and happy families.

    We have to, too as a society accept that older teens will have the urge to settle down and have families.  Because of this practice, we need nurseries in schools and counseling support so that teenage families have what they need to succeed.  We keep trying to pretend that this is not happening but it is.  With the right education and responsible birth control easily available to teens we will see less of this but we must give all the support we can to all Parents.

   This also starts in teaching all teens Parenting Skills.  They must be made aware early the hard work and responsibilites that come with having sex.  We cannot just give them condoms and tell them to be careful without also teaching them the other responsibilities that come with having sex.  That means Parenting skills they will use sometime in their lives.  If anything, these skills will help them better get along with their peers.

  I will always be against those who are trying to separate us into little compartments.  I don't see an end of Religion but I do see more and more getting fed up with the failures of those elders who are trying to control and use us for their pleasure or to make a profit off of.  Seeing all of those pensions, benefits tossed in the trash is finally showing the masses that anyone who has too much power will eventually abuse it.

   God is the perfect example of a thing that took it's power and completely destroyed everything he created.  Then he used the abuse of incest to re-create the mess he was trying to clean up.  Of course, this story is made up, a fairytale but incest isn't and the part about our still being screwed up because of our greed and lack of inspiration still hasn't changed.

   Ah well.  I know, their intension  in running Religious Schools are good.  My only concern is the Religion behind this organizations. Knowing how many Catholic kids didn't enjoy the experience any Religious School doesn't make them much better.  The same can be said of Public School.  They offer scholarships for Private Schools and they benefit some from lower attendance.  So I can't really say these schools in general are a failure.  There are plenty of private institutions that cater to the rich.  Considering their Parents tend to travel. they feel the need to put their children someone with better supervision.  Strict, I understand but physical abuse just breeds violence.

  Too many people are breeding who haven't the time to deal with difficult children.  We need to stop having children we have no time to raise or little intention of spending time with.  This is more the problem.  Those kids who are less supervised are easy prey for those who would abuse children.  That also goes on in all schools though.

We need to crack the whip and have a no tolerance for any type of sexual abuse in schools. You cannot expect to learn at the optimal level if you attend school in fear of violence or hatred put upon you by others.  Too much abuse is put with in schools these days and it is ruining the learning environment of schools these days.

  We have to make Parents responsible for abusive children and we need swift intervention to catch these troubles early so that they can be fixed.  Teachers hitting kids did very little in making kids behave.  I remember how kids would dare each other to cause trouble.. Why?  Because they were bored.  The lessons were beneath them or above their ability to learn.  Either way, classrooms became circus' when we were given a Teacher who wasn't skilled enough to offer the currant students the lessons they can relate to so that they can learn something.

  So I wish Religion stayed in the Churches and out of the Schools entirely. Unless the students were studying the Priesthood or Nunnery. I have nothing against specialized schools as long as the meet the needs of the students and are not being forced upon a child.