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We're All Going to Die!

Started by Unbeliever, March 08, 2008, 04:39:34 pm

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"Some say God is living there [in space]. I was looking around very attentively, but I did not see anyone there. I did not detect either angels or gods....I don't believe in God. I believe in man - his strength, his possibilities, his reason."
Gherman Titov, Soviet cosmonaut, in The Seattle Daily Ti


  Sheep.  Baaah!  Oh, I was raised to be one and followed well. I lead many to their own doom. I feel so foolish for believing a mere book has that much power to condone so much crime and hypocrisy.  People don't even read the dumb book.  I did, cover to cover three times and studied, often asking myself, is this right?  Is this good? 

   What I want to know is, "where is the love?"  They killed the Man they say was their prophet?  They stone Women and Gays?  Beat their kids and sacrifice them for their sins and special favors?

    Then they argue you to death to deny it's true because they won't even read the book they worship so much.  The Bible is one screwed up book.  When are women going to wake up and see how oppressed they are?

     When are we going to get sick of families falling apart because no one can make commitments or love their kids or spouses anymore?  When are we going to get tired of forcing people to have children they do not want or cannot take care of?  When are we going to do something about all the unwanted, throw away kids in this world?

      They breed them for their pleasure.  They really just want to use people for whatever  reason they can come up.  When will people wake up and see how bad and wrong this is?  Has money corrupted this planet so much that we have all lost our minds?

        Again, I must ask,  "where is the love?" 

       All of this is just breaking my heart, over and over again.  With every sad story I hear of children sexually abused for the greed of someone else.  Probably repressed themselves because of the rules forced on them by these screwed up Religions, sending misleading message of perceived superiority. They rape children because they don't want STD's or told using birth control is sinful.  In this day and age?   A lot of mental illness going around out there but most of it was inflicted upon adults as children or something they learned in a book that should never have been published.  We are we still allowing people to publish books about sex with minors?

  Please someone, explain this to me because I fail to understand how this is still happening in America?

        Why doesn't any of these Gods love children?  I just don't understand all of this and I wish it would end right now.